New Hepatitis C Drugs Effective for Patients that also have HIV

- A new study finds two new anti-viral hepatitis-c medications are effective for patients who are also HIV positive.

Hepatitis-C can be difficult to treat in such patients because traditional medications can interact with HIV drugs.

Now doctors at Johns Hopkins are reporting success with the two hepatitis C drugs.

Anywhere from 67 %to 94% of HIV patients with various forms of hepatitis-c were considered free of the virus, 3 months after treatment.

In other health news, high-performing schools may not only turn out students who have good grades.

A new study suggests the kids may also make better decisions that affect their personal health.

University of California, Los Angeles  researchers compared two groups of teenagers from low-income neighborhoods in Los Angeles.

One group was offered admission to successful public charter schools, while the other was not.

Those who attended the more successful high school had better test scores.

But in addition, those kids were much less likely to drop out of school, engage in unprotected sex, carry a weapon or be in a gang.

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