New Home For UAMS Weight Loss Clinic

- UAMS Weight Loss Clinic has a new home in Little Rock.

The new location is  on the ground floor of the central building.

Doctors and former patients shared their stories of weight loss success with the audience at the grand opening.

Attendees received treats for coming out, including free screenings and weight loss food samples to help them in their journey towards a
healthy lifestyle.

Clinical Manager Betsy Day says, "I've been here for ten years and it's so special for us to finally have our own dedicated clinical space for our patients."

The UAMS weight loss  program offers classes on nutrition and exercise taught by registered dietitians.

The new center makes it possible for patients to attend health classes, visit their physician, and receive lab work all in one convenient location. 

In other health news, new technology is helping doctors at Saline Memorial Hospital speak the patient's language.

The hospital is one of the first to use the Stratus Video App.

Stratus interprets what the doctor and patients are saying into a language they can understand just by logging in and selecting a language.

It also keeps the communication confidential because the network that the program uses is  encrypted.

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