New Trend In Cosmetic Surgery


Cosmetic surgeons are reporting a rise in demand for a lipo treatment  to achieve the 'thigh gap' look.

It's a trend that is leading some women to seek external help for a thin look.

Some experts feel the 'thigh gap' trend is dangerous because some women can go to desperate measures to get that look, and many women are simply not built that way.

In other health news, whether you catch the flu could depend on your job.

Researchers at the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention surveyed nearly 30,000 adults during the 2010  H1N1 outbreak.

They found people working in real estate, food services and education were most likely to report flu-like illness.

People in these professions were also less likely to get flu shots.

And your bad cold can't be contagious to your Facebook friends ... but your mood can!

A new study of over a billion posts to the social networking site finds emotions easily spread online, especially cheerful ones.

Researchers found each negative status yielded 1.29 more negative posts among friends, while positive updates spawned 1.75 more positive posts.

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