Saliva Test Could Diagnose Early Stage Pancreatic Cancer

- Doctors may one day be able to diagnose early-stage pancreatic cancer with a quick swab of the mouth.

Researchers found patients with pancreatic cancer had higher levels of two specific types of oral bacteria than healthy people or even those with non-cancerous pancreatic disease.

These findings could lead to a saliva test to diagnose the disease in the early stages and significantly boost survival rates.

Children who don't get enough sleep may be at an increased risk for obesity.

Researchers used parent surveys to assess children's sleep patterns throughout early childhood.

In other health news, by the age of seven, kids who had the lowest overall sleep scores had the highest levels of body fat, abdominal fat, and body mass.

There was no specific age range in which reduced sleep had a greater influence on weight gain suggesting insufficient sleep at any age was problematic.

Minority children, those living in low income homes, and those with less educated mothers, were most likely to have chronic sleep deprivation.

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