Sitting By the Window at Work Could Improve Health

- Sitting in the cubicle by the window at work could improve your health!

A new study finds office workers with more natural light exposure during their day sleep better, exercise more and have a better overall quality of life than those without light.

In fact, windows in the workplace was linked to 173% more light exposure and translated to an average of 46 minutes more sleep per night for employees.

In other health news, musical training may help disadvantaged children improve their reading and language skills.

Past studies have shown affluent children tend to do better in school than their lower income peers.

But new data revealed, poor children who were enrolled in music enrichment programs in school were able to close that academic gap.

That's compared to kids with no music training.

Researchers say music helps alter the nervous system to better process sounds which can lead to improved attention, memory and communication skills.

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