Sorority Girl Vows to Shave Head to Raise Money for Childhood Cancer Research

MAGNOLIA, AR -- An Arkansas sorority girl is setting a great example in her bid to raise money for childhood cancer research.

In honor of Childhood Cancer Awareness month, Southern Arkansas University student Marissa Aranda (pictured, left) has vowed to shave her head and donate the locks if a fundraising goal of $7,500 is met.

Aranda's sorority sister, Presley Pennington knows firsthand the effects of childhood cancer, as her 5-year-old brother has fought leukemia and is in remission.

Aranda, Pennington and the rest of her sorority sisters have set a goal of raising more than $7,500 for the cause this September.

As part of the fundraising goal, a head-shaving event will be held in Little Rock next Saturday, Sept. 28.

The Phi Mu chapter at SAU, Epsilon Omicron, is working together with the Greater Little Rock Alumnae Chapter of Phi Mu to host this fundraising effort. At SAU, Phi Mu members are giving away gold paracord bracelets with two blue beads, representing Creed and Elijah, to anyone who donates at least a dollar.

Donations can be submitted online through the groups Facebook event – “Shaving for a Cause: Childhood Cancer Awareness” – or by contacting Kelsey Kehrees at (501) 529-3756. You can also donate here. Any checks can be made out to Greater Little Rock Phi Mu Alumnae.  

Businesses who are interested in  having a "special" or a "promotion" to donate to our cause please contact Heidi Speer (501) 517-5728 with the details. [All businesses or organizations interested in participating will be listed on the Facebook event page so that people will know where to go eat and shop on those days.]

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