Tanning Beds Will Now Require Warning Labels

- Tanning beds will now have to carry warning labels.

The FDA issued orders saying tanning beds and tanning booths must carry a visible warning sign.

The signs must explicitly say the devices should not be used by those under 18.

While this order does not outright ban teen use of tanning beds.

It will require manufacturers to warn in their advertisements and marketing materials that these devices put users at greater risk for skin cancer.

Dr. Jennifer Lucas with the Cleveland Clinic says, "Kids, young adults, teenagers think they are invincible. it doesn't affect them. They don't see the harmful things that
they're doing today. They want to look pretty for their prom. They want to have a nice tan so that they look good, but what they don't realize is the damage that they're doing."

Tanning beds and sunlamps emit UV rays that have been linked to skin cancer, burns, premature skin aging and eye damage.

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