Yoga Warriors Fighting Colon Cancer

- This week,  I'm starting a month long series on colon cancer awareness.

Some of you may remember, my daughter Queah died three years ago from colon cancer.

It's not just an old person's disease.

It's striking more and more young people everyday.

Rachel Allen was diagnosed with colon cancer when she was only 28.

This mother of two spends four hours a week getting a chemotherapy drip.

Even though it's been two years, she still remembers how she felt when she was told she had colon cancer.

"I was shocked, numb. We didn't have any history of any kind of cancer in my family.  I've always been very health, always trying to pay attention to what i eat, exercising.  just complete shock," says Allen.

All this month I'll be telling the stories of colon cancer survivors, talking to doctors, and helping you find a way to avoid getting this disease.

We here at Fox 16 have started a campaign to bring an awareness of colon cancer.

I hope you will participate in our big event Yoga Warriors Fighting Colon Cancer.

It's a free community-wide yoga event on Saturday March 29th.

At the downtown Marriott Outdoor Terrace.  It starts at 10:00am.

If you want to bring a donation for the American Cancer Society, you can!

Other than that just bring a yoga mat.

We'll also have a silent auction too, so you might want to bring a few bucks because you might find something you like!

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