Youtube Videos Could Help Doctors Diagnose Autism

- Youtube may become an outlet used by doctors when diagnosing children with autism. 

Researchers at Stanford University trained undergraduates on behaviors common among children diagnosed with autism. 

Then they found videos on Youtube in which the parent had described the child as autistic.

Researchers found the reviewers correctly diagnosed autism 97% of the time. 

Experts say videos that capture children in their home environment may show their true behavior as compared to their actions in the doctor's office.

In other health news, apathy in older adults may signal the beginning of problems in the brain. 

Researchers at the National Institutes of Health had more than 4,000 elderly adults undergo MRI scans.

None of the study participants had been diagnosed with dementia or depression. 

Those who indicated they had lost interest in daily activities or lacked emotion on questionnaires had slightly smaller brain volumes on their MRI scans.

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