2 Million Dollars Worth of Marijuana Plants Seized

2 Million Dollars Worth of Marijuana Plants Seized

Deputies in Faulkner County are searching for whoever ran a marijuana grow operation in a Twin Groves neighborhood.
FAULKNER COUNTY, AR - Deputies busted a two million dollar marijuana grow operation Thursday, and still the suspect is no where to be found. A surveying company taking a look at some property off of Solomon Grove Rd near Highway 65 came across the 2,117 marijuana plants.  Each plant is worth one thousand dollars each.  People who live in the Twin Groves neighborhood call it a small and quiet community.

“I was thinking the horses got out and got run over. I saw flashing lights when I come over the hill and I find out that it wasn't," explained Haywood Owens.

Haywood Owens was on his way home from Conway when he saw police all over his neighborhood.  He said detectives found the pot plants next to a house that’s been empty for years.

Faulkner County Sheriff’s Chief Deputy Matt Rice said he’s never seen anything like it. To put 2,117 plants in perspective is 25 yards by 100 yards, that’s the size of a football field and from center field to the sideline.  The plants were in a rural area, so how the suspects were operating it is still unclear.

“Usually you'll find some kind of water mechanism or something out there, but in this case there was no irrigation," said Rice.

Whoever was growing the pot plants on this private property is making neighbors uneasy.

“That's the reason I moved back up here. I wanted some peace you know, and I haven't found it yet," explained Owens.

Deputies said they didn't find anyone on the property when they took down the marijuana operation.  At this time, they don't have anyone in custody.
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