300,000 Miles on One Patrol Car has Police Chief Asking for New Vehicles

300,000 Miles on One Patrol Car has Police Chief Asking for New Vehicles

A central Arkansas police chief has asked his city for new patrol cars. It's been a long time coming as he claims over 300,000 miles on one car is too much.
ALEXANDER, AR - The Alexander Police Chief has made it a top priority that the vehicles the community sees his officers in represent the city positively but proper maintenance can only go so far for a car that's driven just as far.

As the Alexander patrol cars race through town responding to calls chances are they get there in tip-top shape.

Alexander Police Chief Horace Walters requires his officers keep the cars that way inside and out. Regular once-a-month check-ups are mandatory.

"I would not even let them drive a vehicle that's unsafe," insisted Chief Walters.

The department can only do so much to keep them in working order though when the miles driven inevitably wears them out.

The wheels have pushed miles of pavement. Chief Walters shows one car with 342,000 miles. Many of the five others have over 200,000.

With one patrol unit in the shop and another sidelined for good the department has asked for four new vehicles to keep up normal operations.

Their jobs consist of everything from the day to day calls to new service work projects like cleaning up neighborhoods.

"The cars play a great factor in our work," explained Asst. Chief Derrick Jackson. "It's very important. Without the cars we wouldn't have been able to make it here."

Chief Walters says despite what he would love, he's not asking for a whole new fleet or even the top of the line cars. He wants just enough to ensure that they don't rely on chance.

Chief Walters added, "For the safety of the officers and for the safety of the citizens here."
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