Arkansas Man Wrongfully Jailed in Louisiana Returns Home

Arkansas Man Wrongfully Jailed in Louisiana Returns Home

After spending nearly seven weeks in jail for a crime he didn't commit, Bryant Davis comes home.
It was a nightmare man, it was just something bad that happened.
LITTLE ROCK, AR -- Bryant Davis Junior was arrested in Arkansas on Sept. 6 for a crime that happened in Louisiana. 

Davis was then sent to Bastrop, La., on Sept. 12, since then he has been trying to clear his name. On Thursday, he was released with charges dropped and drove home to Little Rock. 

"It's the best feeling I've had in the last seven weeks, I feel good," Davis said.

For nearly two months, Davis was in jail in Morehouse Parish, La., a state he had never been to.

"Each day living, sleeping in the jail cell, you know you gotta endure a lot," Davis said. "It was a nightmare man, it was just something bad that happened."

"He talked with me and said he had been praying about it, and I told him to hold on, we would do everything we could here," Davis' dad, Bryant Senior said.

Davis was facing charges of bank fraud and conspiracy to commit bank fraud. 

Davis said he was innocent all along.

"A guy used my ID, all of my information, he cashed a fake check," Davis said.

This week, a special investigator from the Arkansas Attorney General's office began looking into this case.

Stephen Svetz said he quickly realized Davis was a victim of identity theft.

"I ran every driver's license he's ever had, and I came up with the last two driver's licenses that he had been issued, the picture on it didn't belong to him," Svetz said.

The investigation that led to charges being dropped.

"I'm very grateful, I'm really glad he got invovled, and he called down and put a little bit more pressure on them," Davis said.

Davis Sr. added, "Its a big relief knowing that he has been vindicated for something he didn't do."

With his name cleared, Davis still wants to know who stole his identity. 

"I wanna find out who it is, you know I'm going to pursue it," he said.
After his return home, Davis took his children trick-or-treating. 
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