Arkansas Senate Overrides Beebe Voter ID Veto

Arkansas Senate Overrides Beebe Voter ID Veto

Wednesday afternoon vote was 21 to 12.
The Arkansas Senate has voted to override Governor Beebe's veto of a voter ID bill.

The vote this afternoon was 21 to 12.

Beebe vetoed the bill on Monday, saying the following in a statement:
Senate Bill 2 is not supported by any demonstrated need. While proponents of laws similar to Senate Bill 2 argue that they are necessary to combat “election fraud,” the bill addresses only voter impersonation, and no credible study of “election fraud” supports the notion that such voter impersonation is or has been common in Arkansas.

Senate Bill 2 is, then, an expensive solution in search of a problem. The Bureau of Legislative Research estimates that Senate Bill 2 will cost approximately $300,000 in tax dollars to implement; and that estimate does not take into account the ongoing costs that the taxpayers will continue to bear in future years. At a time when some argue for the reduction of unnecessary bureaucracy and for reduced government spending, I find it ironic to be presented with a bill that increases government bureaucracy and increases government expenditures, all to address a need that has not been demonstrated. I cannot approve such an unnecessary measure that would negatively impact one of our most precious rights as citizens.

Full veto letter here.
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