Armed Robbery at Lowe’s

Armed Robbery at Lowe’s

Police are searching for three men who robbed pair at Lowe’s.
BRYANT, AR – Police are searching for three men who robbed pair at Lowe’s. Todd Crowson with the Bryant Police Department says just after 8:00pm Friday night, the Bryant Police Department received a call from 2 Lowes’s employees saying they had just been robbed in the parking lot. The 2 employees were leaving work around 8pm when they were approached in the parking lot by two men, and later a third man.

The victim's say the suspects put guns to the victims’ heads and demanded everything in their pockets. The guns were described by the victims as semi-automatic pistols. The victims complied with the demands and gave them everything. The suspects fled the scene, leaving in a blue 1996 Chevy Z71 pickup, Arkansas license tag 512PWG. That vehicle returns stolen out of LR earlier in the day from a carjacking.

Suspects were said to be in their early 20's, 2 of them approx. 5'5 and one approx. 6'1 150. The tall suspect had on a green raincoat/trench coat. The other 2 had on dark hoodies. All were believed to be wearing blue jeans.

If anyone has any information regarding this incident they are asked to notify the Bryant Police Department Criminal Investigation Division at (501) 943-0943.

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