Benton Officers Training for Abducted, Missing Children Cases

Officers in Benton trained Tuesday on bringing back abducted or missing children.
Benton, AR - Officers in Benton trained Tuesday (3/26) on bringing back abducted or missing children.

It was the focus during a course to educate themselves so the Benton Police Department is ready if and when it happens.

With other missing or possible abducted children cases ongoing in other parts of the state, the training came at a crucial time for the department's front-line officers for when they're in the field and they get a call about that child.

Thanks to weeks of prior training for their Detective Division and now their patrol officers, the Benton Police Department says they are better equipped to help make sure they can bring an abducted or missing child back home safely.

They say their information and knowledge is always evolving but solving these cases doesn't have to start and end with only them.

Lt. Kevin Russel said, "Not only do we want to make sure that we do the correct response and secure their safety but we also want to educate the public and make sure that they're aware how they can help protect themselves and their own families."

He says the first three hours after a child is abducted are the most critical in getting them back.

That's why families being proactive can help.

They encourage parents having all the latest updated information on their child if this unfortunately ever happens to them.

Quick and easy ways to send information about your child to law enforcement include Smart 911. It can allow you to upload pictures of your kids so those are available to law enforcement immediately.

There's even a free FBI Child ID app that allows you to load all your child's information. At a moments notice the FBI can send that information to all local law enforcement agencies.
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