Benton Police Work Hard to Crack Violent Crime Cases

Benton Police Work Hard to Crack Violent Crime Cases

Aggravated robberies and assaults are on the rise in Benton.
BENTON, AR -- Aggravated assaults and robberies are on the rise in one central Arkansas city.

This month alone, there have been four aggravated robberies in Benton, but police quickly made arrests in all those cases.

The most recent happened over the weekend at Murphy USA Convenience Store on I-30.

Just hours after the robbery, police arrested Michael Ray and Anthony Honeysuckle.

This month, detectives also arrested a ring of criminals for two home invasions and an armed robbery at an ATM.

Lt. Kevin Russell says it's difficult to attribute the spike to any one thing, but he says the same increase happened around this time last year.

So, detectives really just focus on quick police work.

"When the cases come in, they hit them hard and fast while the trail is fresh," Russell said. "They're leaving no stone unturned. They're working diligently on solving these cases and working around-the-clock."

Russell said aggravated robberies and assaults have been on the rise the last two to three months in Benton, but he said theft of property crimes actually declined in the city during that time period.

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