Bullied Teen's Parent Pushes Bus Stop Safety

Bullied Teen's Parent Pushes Bus Stop Safety

A mom asks for more safety measures at the bus stop after her daughter is attacked by another student.
After seeing her daughter injured from a fight near the bus stop, one mom is pushing schools to do more to protect kids even when they're off of school property and on their way home.

A few feet from her Sherwood bus stop, 15-year-old Breyana Gatewood pointed to where she was assaulted just a few minutes from home.

"I was just walking and all of sudden she pulled my hair back and I fell to the ground," she says.

The Sylvan Hills student says someone threatening to beat her up on the bus ride home attacked her as soon as they stepped off.

"She got on top of me, she just started hitting me in the face," she adds.

The fight left her with a black eye, broken nose and frightened. Her mother was furious.

"I want them to take responsibility for children when they're on the bus, off the bus and until they make it to their homes," Shannon Gatewood says.

A spokesperson for the Pulaski County Special School District says they can't comment on specific cases but overall, the district is not responsible for students at the bus stop, only when they're riding the bus.

"My concern is safety, of not only my child but other children at school who are being bullied on a regular basis," Gatewood added.

Since the fight happened off campus, the district couldn't discipline the student. Now the perpetrator is walking the halls and continuing to stand at the same bus stop.

"There are strange girls waiting for her to get off the bus," Gatewood says.

Fearful something else may happen, the Gatewoods are sending Breyana out of state for the remainder of the school year, hoping she'll heal and feel safe.

"She's really coming along and healing in a good way," Gatewood says.

After spending two weeks too scared to go back, Breyana returned to Sylvan Hills Monday and the district assigned a resource officer to walk her to all of her classes. But since they couldn't guarantee that type of protection year round or on the school bus, her mother decided withdraw her from school Wednesday.

Sherwood police are investigating the assault.

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