CAW slapped with more violations at Maumelle Watershed

CAW slapped with more violations at Maumelle Watershed

Central Arkansas Water is juggling ten more violations after property owners report environmental hazards at their construction sites to the ADEQ. They're working on Lake Maumelle which is where we get most of our drinking water. Property owners there warn if the violations get any worse, many believe it could pollute our water.

Central Arkansas Water is cleaning up it's act after being slapped with ten more ADEQ environmental violations at the Maumelle Watershed.

"There should be questions. They are an unregulated public utility serving over 400,000 people," said property owner Lorie White.

White brought the violations like trash and even open oil containers at the Wye Mountain pipeline construction site to the attention of the ADEQ, much to Central Arkansas Water's dismay.

"In our opinion, those violations were fairly minor, they had to do with forms, proper completion of forms, they referenced an oil spill, that oil spill was about one foot in diameter," said Robert Hart with Central Arkansas Water.

CAW was slapped with ADEQ citations for environmental concerns and is already hard at work to make up for the 17 violations before another potential inspection.

"We agree it's unsightly, the contractor has cleaned it up. We disagree that there was any pollution in the Watershed as a result of this," said Hart.

And in the meantime, White doesn't plan on lightening up.

"It's almost as if we're supposed to just keep our mouths shut and I don't think that's where the citizens should be," she said.

The violations haven't contributed to any water pollution yet but White believes had she not brought these issues to the attention of Central Arkansas Water when she did, that pollution wasn't far behind.

The utility is working to fix the violations and no fines have come yet as a result.

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