Deadly Home Invasion Shocks Perry County Community

Deadly Home Invasion Shocks Perry County Community

Friends and relatives mourn the loss of a man killed Sunday night in near Bigelow.
HOUSTON, AR - A small Arkansas community is in shock after a deadly home invasion Sunday night.

Monday, investigators were all over the scene of the crime, a home near Bigelow in Perry County, but not releasing many details.

A few minutes away from the scene, the victim's brother described the shocking phone call that changed his life Sunday.

"My son woke me up at 12:30 last night and said he's been shot, he's dead," says Jimmy Dixon.

The victim is Dixon's younger brother, Carl Dixon, a local mechanic.

Dixon says, "He'd help anyone, he worked for cheap."

Just down the road from their shop investigators combed the victim's property for clues. Search dogs sniffed through the yard and tracked through the woods while people around town talked about the shocking crime.

"A lot of people are upset, some are celebrating his life," store clerk Jillian Phillips says as people come in and out of the general store, talking about the incident.

"Very shocked and very emotional. I was just with Carl last week, I borrowed jumper cables from him," says longtime friend, Donald Langston.

"It's a huge shock nothing like this has happened here, it's taken the whole town by surprise," adds Phillips.

In a town where everyone knows everyone, many say Carl Dixon was the mechanic they'd grown to trust.

"Everybody knew Carl," says Langston. "He was very giving, very considerate."

"I don't know any reason, I don't know anyone who didn't like him," Dixon says.

Now, like police, loved ones are trying to piece it all together and deal with the loss of another brother.

"One brother died in a truck wreck, one died from cancer, then this," says Dixon.

Arkansas State Police are assisting the Perry County Sheriff's Office in the investigation.
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