Detectives Looking for Man Who Destroyed Ankle Monitor

Detectives Looking for Man Who Destroyed Ankle Monitor

Budget and manpower concerns may have helped lead to his "escape."
LONOKE, AR - Detectives are on the hunt, looking for a man who destroyed his ankle monitor and simply walked away.

Lonoke County deputies had the suspect under watch for a couple days at a North Little Rock hospital while he received treatment.

The Sheriff's Office tells Fox 16 budget and manpower concerns may have helped lead to his escape.

A few hundred dollars to pay a deputy on top of potentially thousands in medical bills forced the agency to leave the suspect under watch of an ankle monitor.

Fiber-optic cables line the bands of Agent Freddy Thomason's ankle monitors. Strong, nearly unbreakable plastic keeps them all together.

Agent Thomason works for Sentencing Options Specialists and supplies the anklets for the Lonoke County Sheriff's Office.

"It is a very reliable system," Thomason remarked.

Tuesday (4/30) deputies left burglary and theft suspect, Roy Moore, 41, at the Springhill Baptist Hospital in North Little to receive treatment.

"We've got to give the medical to each individual that comes in," Sheriff John Staley explained.

Because he didn't pose a threat of violence, the Sheriff's Office decided to temporarily leave him under the watch of an ankle monitor. Apparently however, Moore did pose a threat to run away.

Sheriff Staley says that was a risk they had to take.

"He's not a violent criminal so we had to put him on a leg monitor and leave him at the hospital because again it boils down to the cost" Sheriff Staley said.

He claims they had two options. It was either leave Moore there with an ankle monitor or pay a deputy overtime to watch him and possibly have to foot the medical bills.

Sheriff Staley added, "This is a pre-existing medical issue that taxpayers of Lonoke County are not gonna be required to be victimized again to have to pay for that."

Deputies found the ankle monitor destroyed in a wooded area near the hospital.

"He had to pry," Thomason assumed. "When he made up his mind he was gonna run ... he was gonna run."

Now, because the Sheriff's Office tried to save the taxpayers some money, they're on the lookout for Moore again.

If you happen to see Moore or know where he may be give the Lonoke County Sheriff's Office a call at 501-676-3000.
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