Dish Installer Accused of 3-Year-Old's Sexual Assault

Dish Installer Accused of 3-Year-Old's Sexual Assault

A man trusted inside people's homes was arrested for alleged inappropriate contact with a 3-year-old.
FORDYCE, AR -- "Our mission is to get people like this off the street," said Dallas County Sheriff's Office Investigator Josh McMullen.

That's exactly what the Sheriff's Office has done with 33-year-old Jason Donaldson of Monticello.

Donaldson works as a dish installer in Dallas and the surrounding counties. He's accused of sexually assaulting a 3-year-old while on the job.

In an interview with state investigators, the 3-year-old alleged victim, whose identity we won't release, remembered "the TV man coming to her house to work on the TV." 

According to the interview, however, that's not all that happened.

Using a male diagram, the 3-year-old showed the investigator how the man made her touch his genitals.

"I don't want somebody that's in that kind of profession going in and out of homes to be out to do something of this nature," added McMullen.

McMullen says Donaldson had nothing of concern on his background check but the assault of juveniles in the homes he services has possibly happened before.

"It is somewhat likely that it has happened before but with older juveniles," he said.

Donaldson has had his first appearance and is out on $25,000 bond.

According to the reports there was an adult guardian home at the time but they were in another room.

The 3-year-old was left alone with Donaldson but immediately told the adult after it happened.

Authorities say this stresses the importance of keeping an eye on your children, especially with a stranger in your home.
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