England residents concerned about escaped inmate

England residents concerned about escaped inmate

No sign of convicted murderer Curtis Resse Jr. more than 48 hours since he escaped from the state prison in tucker. The Department of Corrections continues their search between the prison and the town of England.
JEFFERSON COUNTY, AR - Katherine Dolan puts her customers first.

But she admits, right now, her first thought is on Tucker escapee Curtis Reese Jr.

“I don’t know, you would have thought they would have found him by now,” Dolan said.

After searches in tiny towns like Humnoke, Furda and Tucker turned up nothing, it’s understandable the talk inside “it’s all good” turns to something decidedly not good.

You get a general sense from people that Curtis Reese probably isn’t in a town like England. But still there’s that underlying uneasiness about not knowing where he’s at.

And every day he’s not found adds to an uncomfortable feeling in England that a prison escapee could be hiding nearby.

The Department of Corrections says they are interviewing family and, in their words, “anyone else you can imagine” that Curtis Reese might have had contact with.

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