Federal Judge Blocks Implementation of 12-week Abortion Law

The ban was set to take effect on August 16.
LITTLE ROCK, AR - A federal judge in Little Rock has blocked implementation of Arkansas' 12-week abortion law.

The court granted a request from the American Civil Liberties Union, the ACLU of Arkansas, and the Center for Reproductive Rights to prevent the law from taking effect.

"We have asked the court to stop this dangerous law from going into effect," said Holly Dickson, legal director of the ACLU of Arkansas. "This law is aimed at allowing politicians to insert themselves into deeply personal and private medical care and decisions for which they should have no say."

The law was passed in March when the Arkansas legislature overrode Gov. Mike Beebe’s veto. The ban was set to take effect on August 16.

In her ruling from the bench, U.S. District Court Judge Susan Webber Wright issued a preliminary injunction, saying the plaintiffs in the case, two doctors that provide abortion services, would suffer irreparable harm if the law takes effect.

"This law is an extreme example of how lawmakers around the country are trying to limit a woman's ability to make the best decision for herself and her family," said Talcott Camp, deputy director of the ACLU Reproductive Freedom Project. "Far from safeguarding women's health, these laws are designed with one purpose – to eliminate all access to abortion care."

Wright did not rule on the constitutionality of the law.
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