Friends of Lake Hamilton Student Hurt in Car Accident Overflow Waiting Room

Friends of Lake Hamilton Student Hurt in Car Accident Overflow Waiting Room

A community comes together for a friend as he remains in intensive care after a car accident. Arkansas Children's Hospital actually had to make more space to accommodate his visitors.
Dozens of Lake Hamilton High School students sat around a normally quiet room.

Some were fresh out of baseball practice. Others were just trying to enjoy the day off from school.

It looked like it could be one of their usual places but Monday it wasn't.

They were in an Arkansas Children's Hospital waiting room where their classmate and class president is in intensive care, following brain surgery after he was in a car accident Friday night in Hot Springs.

Lance Womack's mom, Dana Homan, is hoping and praying her son will live.

The Lake Hamilton High School Class President, future University of Arkansas student and friend of every one in the waiting room lays in intensive care in Children's.

Friday night around eleven Womack, as his friends call him, and his girlfriend were leaving the school parking lot when a car hit them on the passenger side. It was Womack's side.

"He had to get airlifted to Children's," his mom explained.

Womack hasn't woken up since his surgery.

"Just dealing with it you know," Homan said with tears in her eyes. "Not knowing if, you know, if he's gonna wake up. What's gonna happen?"

Knowing that Womack is not only fighting to stay alive for her, but for his friends helps comfort Homan."

While his friends are forced to face reality that Womack hasn't woken up, they now provide a family of support for a mother who's not sure what will happen next.

"That's what I told them," Homan cried. "I said y'all aren't friends y'all are family. Just good kids. Very good kids."

They've even designed and are going to sell wristbands and t-shirts. They're also having a fundraiser at the Orange Leaf in Hot Springs February 28th.

Epic Printing is handling the t-shirts. Friends of Womack's ask that you call (501) 627-3390 for information on purchasing a shirt.
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