Furniture On Porches Could Become Illegal In NLR

Furniture On Porches Could Become Illegal In NLR

Task Force could be formed to discuss possibilities.
NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR-- Indoor furniture on outside porches is an issue not sitting well with some leaders in North Little Rock.

Donald Warren put two recliners on his front porch for comfort.

"I got new furniture and since it don't rain on my porch, I sit out here and my back don't bother me," said Warren.

Veronica Candley has seats from her van sitting in public view.   

"Everybody can't afford patio furniture. And some of these things are just another mans trash that became our treasure," said Candley.

The outdoor storage issue is set to be presented at Monday's city council meeting. The mayor says if passed, a task force would develop a plan to address the concern.

"It's going to be somewhat controversial and so when you dive into controversy like that, you certainly want everyone's opinion. So in a situation like this, a task force is probably necessary," said Mayor Joe Smith.

Warren supports the measure. By the end of our interview, he had the recliners moved to the backyard and plans to later send them to the garbage.

"Anything to help the community look better, I will move this to the back and just help beautify it," said Warren.

But Candley wants her seats to stay.

The measure is sponsored by Alderwoman Debi Ross. She says the measure is just another step to beautify the city.

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