Gay LR man, former Boy Scout awaits group's decision on members

Wednesday, the group decided to wait until May to make a decision on whether to allow gay membership.
LITTLE ROCK, AR -- One Little Rock man and former Boy Scout will be closely watching the organizations decision, regarding openly gay members. Wednesday, the group decided to wait until May to make a decision.

At age 10, David Connelly became a Boy Scout, learning about survival and traveling to the nation's capitol.

"It was just a great experience," said Connelly.

Now at age 26, Connelly still remembers what he learned as a young scout. But once a boy and now a man, Connelly's life has changed.

He openly admitted being gay to his family in April 2012.

"I came out to my family and friends. It all happened very fast. I was married and now I'm not married," said Connelly.

He still holds on to his badges. But that's as close as he can get to the 103-year-old organization.

"You can't be a scout leader and openly gay. Even though I would like to get more involved as a scout leader, I couldn't be," said Connelly.

The former scout wishes the group's leadership would make a faster decision, whether to allow gay members. But just like the rest of the country, Connelly will look forward to what is decided.

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