High school basketball brawl could lead to charges

High school basketball brawl could lead to charges

High school students in Guy, Arkansas think adults can learn something from them about sportsmen like conduct.
This after 20 parents and faculty members were involved in a fight at a basketball game Friday.

One player saying it was an adult in the stands that started the fight.

Dalton Watkins said from where he watched, it was an adult who ran onto the court, trying to attack players.

"As soon as Rumer hit the three and won the game," said Watkins. "Tension had already been building then all the sudden you just saw a guy go over and try and hit Justin and Dustin."

Watkins is a freshman basketball player for the Guy-Perkins team.

He said he's never seen anything like the fight that broke out Friday during a game with South Side Bee Branch.

"If the basketball players can keep it together the adults should be able to too," said Watkins.

Around 20 adults got caught up in the brawl, but there were no serious injuries reported.

Watkins said the adults set a bad example for the students that night.

"As long as you can keep a cool head, everyone can have fun," said Watkins.

The mayor of Guy says charges could soon be filed.

They plan on reviewing surveillance video from the brawl Monday to decide who if anyone will be charged.
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