Housemates react to finding infant home alone

Housemates react to finding infant home alone

More charges could be filed against a mother who North Little Rock Police say left her 11-month-old son home alone while she went on a liquor run.
NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR - More charges could be filed against a mother who North Little Rock Police say left her 11-month-old son home alone while she went on a liquor run.

30-year-old Amy McIntosh was arrested early Friday morning after her housemates called to report they found her baby bleeding from the nose alone in a bedroom in the house they all share together.

McIntosh is being held on child endangerment and obstruction of government for giving police false information about her identity. This isn't her first run in with the law. She's also being held for issues in Cross County. McIntosh's housemate Brandon Wilson says she has other children already in protective custody.

"It sounded like something fell off a shelf or something. Then we heard the screaming." That's when Wilson and his other housemate, Christopher Murvis, found the baby. "I came in and heard the baby crying, so I went to the door and it was locked. I budged in through the door and found the baby in there with blood on his face. We didn't know if he had a busted nose or what."

Murvis called North Little Rock Police who say McIntosh left her 11-month-old baby boy home alone for hours while she went to the liquor store and visited her mother. Murvis says he could never do that. "It's inhumane." Wilson says a helpless infant does not deserve to be treated that way.

Alexandra Davis lives next door and has an 11-month-old daughter. "She's my heart. I can't do anything like that to her. She'll be on the bed and I watch her to make sure she doesn't fall or anything like that. I'm very over protective."

Murvis says McIntosh isn't a bad person, just did a very bad thing. "When you let alcohol get into your life it will ruin you, wreck you, and make even the most respectable person into a scum bag. I'm thinking maybe she can get help and turn herself around."

Wilson doesn't have that much faith in his housemate. "I hope Amy's prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Someone like that makes me extremely disgusted. I hope to never see her again."

The housemates and neighbors can all agree on one thing. They're all glad the baby is now being taken care of properly and McIntosh can't do anymore damage behind bars.

Wilson says the baby is safe now. "We've got some good people who live here with a good conscience who did the right thing. The baby is going to be ok."

Wilson and Murvis say this isn't the first time they've heard the baby crying or found him left alone in the house. They say they're glad there won't be a next time, or it could have been much worse.

The house where McIntosh, Murvis and Wilson live has several bedrooms and is split up among about a half dozen people. They all share common areas of the house. Wilson and Murvis say McIntosh has been living there for about 2 years, but they would not consider her a friend.
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