Housing Authority Tenants Plead for Help with Roach Infestation

Housing Authority Tenants Plead for Help with Roach Infestation

A woman says roaches forced her family to move temporarily.
A Central Arkansas family claims roaches forced them out of their home.

Tiffany Anderson is among many Sunset Terrace residents blaming the public housing authority for not doing enough to keep the pesky and creepy bugs out.

"I've had to throw everything I have away, " Tiffany Anderson says as she walks through her home she points out why she's not living there.

"A lot of food has been trashed because of the roaches," she says. "They get all over beds,cover the walls."

Monday she walked through the five bedroom home and uncovered roaches living under blankets near crusty remains of dead bugs stuck in corners.

"Public housing is supposed to be a safe and healthy environment for families, just because we're low income we don't have to live like this," says Anderson.

Anderson says after years of calling the managers for additional treatments, they sent the exterminator. But when she returned, she says the bugs were waiting for her and her kids.

"They don't want to be here. They can't sleep cause they have roaches crawling over them," Anderson says.

The director of the Metropolitan Housing Authority says they send exterminators to spray each residence once a month. Residents say, it's not working.

Commecion Pace says "It's a Dr. Jekyll Mr. Hyde thing, the apartment is nice when you come in but as soon as you put your stuff in and you turn the light on and off, you've got a party going on."

Pace says she's struggled with the pests for three years, then started battling the bugs on her own.

But like Anderson, who's moved her family in with loved ones, she hopes more will done to get rid of the roaches for good.

After hearing Anderson's story the housing authority director says he helped make an appointment with the exterminator to treat her unit again Friday.

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