Jacksonville Lifeguard Rescues 7-Year-Old Boy

Jacksonville Lifeguard Rescues 7-Year-Old Boy

16-year-old Tucker Felix rescues his neighbor from nearly drowning at the lake.
JACKSONVILLE, AR -- A Jacksonville lifeguard comes to the rescue of a little boy fighting to stay above water.

The 7-year-old boy and 16-year-old lifeguard are neighbors in Jacksonville.

On Wednesday, the boy's family brought their neighbor Tucker Felix to Beaverfork Lake for some summer fun.

But no one knew just how important Tucker's skills would be on the trip.

Dalton Pewterbaugh -- who was goofing off on his raft and fell in the water -- nearly drowned at the lake.

And his mom couldn't help him.

Through tears Stephanie Swartz said, "I was so far away from my son. I knew I couldn't get to him."

But his good buddy Tucker, a trained lifeguard, knew exactly what to do, even though he was several feet away.

He said, "When I went out to him the only thing sticking out of the water was his nose."

Tucker calmed Dalton down, even after going under himself, and swam him back to shore.

Dalton was scared but not hurt.

Swartz said, "Thank God for Tucker! Thank God for Tucker! He saved my baby!"

Tucker said, "It plays back in my head if I wasn't there he wouldn't be here today."

Little Dalton said, "I think he's my hero and I appreciate him very much."

Something everyone learned from this...if you're not a good swimmer, always wear a life jacket.

Swartz said, "You can't have your child out on a raft like that if they can't swim."

Making this rescue even more dramatic, Tucker was on a raft with a 5-year-old little girl at the time, also with the family.

So, he had to tell her to stay on the raft while he got Dalton.

Then, he came back for her.

He probably swam around 700 yards that day!

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