Last Big Event Held Before Hotel Name Change

Last Big Event Held Before Hotel Name Change

As the Peabody Hotel changes name, a local group of culinary students remember their favorite part of the landmark.
LITTLE ROCK, AR -- The Peabody name will soon be erased from the downtown Little Rock skyline.

A Memphis-based company bought the hotel and it'll be converted into a Marriott this week.

But before the changes, a big event will help the Peabody go out in style.

For the first time in Little Rock, the American Culinary Federation Regional Competition was held.

It started at the Peabody today, it'll be the last big event there before the name changes.

During the cooking competition, students will be rolling out all their tricks for the chance to move on to nationals.

But for students at Pulaski Technical College, the only local group involved, there's more to this competition than meets the eye.

Mitch Berlin said, "This is kind of like an ending to an era with the Peabody."

The day the competition ends on Wednesday, the Peabody name will be no longer.

Instead it will be known as the Marriott.

Stafford Decambra said, "I can see the subtle changes in the room."

And, with the disappearance of the popular name, the ducks will disappear too.

Twice a day dozens of people come to see the march of the ducks at the Peabody Hotel, but in just a couple of days the tradition will be over and it seems to be what people will miss the most.

Labrilya Robinson said, "I used to work there and I loved watching the ducks. That's a big thing I'll miss."

Local culinary students say they're honored to be part of the last big event at a hotel that's become
an icon for the downtown culture the past decade.

The culinary competition will wrap up on Wednesday.

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