Little Rock Police Arrest Woman in Shooting Investigation

Little Rock Police Arrest Woman in Shooting Investigation

23-year-old Millicent McClinton has been charged in connection with the wounding of a man in January.

LITTLE ROCK, AR- A Little Rock woman is in jail tonight, charged with Criminal Attempt to Commit Capital Murder, Aggravated Robbery, Kidnapping and Theft of Property.

23-year-old Millicent McClinton was allegedly the driver in the abduction and shooting of a man on January 28th.

Shortly before midnight on that date in January, Floydell Bibbs reports that he was taken at gunpoint by one black female and three black male suspects from a car wash at West Roosevelt and South Rock Street after his car broke down.

Bell says he was driven to an unknown part of Battery Street.
Mr. Bibbs stated that once they had stopped, one of the men got out of the car and confronted him with a gun.

Mr. Bibbs advised that he was in fear from his life and fought the suspect for the gun.

While fighting for the weapon, the suspect shot him in both legs and fell on top of him.

Mr. Bibbs stated that the suspect then shot him in the face.
In further investigation, police say they determined that Millicent McClinton was the driver.

On Monday, warrants were issued on Ms. McClinton.  

McClinton was arrested today at her home and transported to the Major Crimes Division.

 The investigation into the identity of the additional suspects continues. 

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