Man Released After Murder Arrest Wants Apology from Police

For seven days, Justin Fletcher sat in jail for a murder he said he knew nothing about.
For seven days, Justin Fletcher sat in jail for a murder he said he knew nothing about.

"I was like this ain't no dream. This is real. I'm really here for murder,'" Fletcher said.

That murder took place at the Site Gas Station on January 31. Jasmine Young died and two of her friends were hurt after a car pulled up beside them and sprayed it with bullets. Detectives said Justin Fletcher, Charles Robinson, and an unidentified teen did it.

Fletcher said he was with family when the shooting happened. He turned himself anyway because investigators went to his grandmother’s house with guns.

"I had to turn myself in and prove to the detectives and the city of Little Rock that I had nothing to do with it and I'm not that type of person,” Fletcher said.

Although free, Fletcher said his reputation is scarred. He's not in school this semester because he had to use the money to hire a lawyer. It's hard to explain to potential employers that he has no ties to the murder.

"It really just put a damper on my life. It put a downfall toward me,” Fletcher said.

He blames the Little Rock Police Department for his troubles and would like an apology from the force. He even asked the detective for one.

"He said the reason I'm out is because they let me out. That's not true. I'm out because I had nothing to do with this,” Fletcher said.

As he awaits an apology, he’s getting back to spending time with his daughter and planning his future. He’s praying for the victim’s family.

"I'm real sympathetic to that. That was a sad situation,” Fletcher said.
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