Man accused of stealing from people at their most vulnerable

Man accused of stealing from people at their most vulnerable

An Arkansas man is accused of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from people trying to bury their loved ones.
These people paid for headstones that were never delivered and are now considered creditors in the business owners bankruptcy trial.

They tell us all they wanted was for their loved ones to be able to rest in peace...

"That's sad it's really sad," said Crystal Franks. "My dad deserves his headstone."

Her father passed away in October of 2011 and she is still waiting for the tombstone she and her mother scraped money together to pay for.

"It's hard not to be able to go up to his grave and have a headstone," said Franks.

"I've been going through a rough time losing him," said her mother Donna Franks.

Donna had a hard time holding  back her tears as she describes how dealing with her husband's death was bad enough without becoming a victim herself.

"He took our money," said Crystal, "He took our headstone... What are we supposed to do?"

"I sold Dad's coins for his tombstone," Lena Bates, "There is no more money."

Half a dozen others stopped by the business Thursday afternoon looking for the owner Steve Harmon.

His bankruptcy attorney estimates close to 300 people are waiting for the headstones they paid hundreds for.

“It was a total shock,” said Joe Buckner. “I never even dreamed something like this would happen.”

Buckner's done business with Harmon Monuments with no problems for decades.

However now he, like all the others, finds himself strolling through the  rows of tombstones feeling lost.

“I just pray for everyone involved,” said Franks.

Harmon’s first court appearance is March 4th.
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