Mayflower Oil Spill Video Goes Viral on YouTube

Mayflower Oil Spill Video Goes Viral on YouTube

At the last check of the tally Tuesday morning, it had more than 1.6-million hits.
MAYFLOWER, AR - A video of some of the first moments after Friday's Mayflower oil spill has gone viral on YouTube.

Since it was posted on Sunday, the video has been watched more than 1.6-million times (as of late Tuesday morning).

The clip shows someone driving down one street where a stream of oil could be seen flowing between houses and in front of driveways.

Environmentalists are passing the link to the video around online.

They're calling it one reason not to support the unfinished portions of the Keystone Pipeline system which brings oil from Canada into the United States to refineries on the Texas Gulf Coast. Two of the pipeline's four projects are already in operation.
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