Miniature Horse Not Allowed Inside Ward City Limits

Miniature Horse Not Allowed Inside Ward City Limits

Ward council members all agree a miniature horse in city limits must move to larger property.
WARD, AR -- A miniature horse is the center of controversy in Ward, that's in Lonoke County.

The council voted the horse can't stay in city limits, but the owner doesn't understand why.

The miniature horse -- named Beau -- is only 30 inches tall and around 250 pounds, so he's much smaller than a regular sized-horse.

But, after council members learned about him, they looked into it and found out livestock animals -- like Beau -- must be on, at least, an acre of land to stay inside city limits.

Patricia Tullos shares a special bond with her miniature horse Beau.

She said, "It was something me and my dad enjoyed together."

She grew up with horses and when her dad died of cancer, she wanted one of her own.

Patricia says Beau is really just like part of the family and he even plays with some of the other pets like the family's dogs.

She said, "We chase him and he'll run around."

Patricia and her husband moved to Ward earlier this year.

They thought a fenced in backyard and a large front yard would be plenty of space for Beau.

Unfortunately, the law states something different.

And this week, the council members agreed Beau can not stay on the property in city limits, which they say, is under an acre large.

Gary Matheny said, "No personal deal or anything. It was just the city ordinance. If we let one person get by with having a horse in the city, we'd have horses around like dogs."

Patricia hopes the council members will change their minds.

If not, she may try to buy more land or possibly move.

She said, "Wherever he goes, he'll have to still be ours."

This week, Patricia asked council members for a waiver to the ordinance, but all council members voted against it.

Patricia has 30 days to remove the horse from her property.

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