Missing Boater Lost Near Cadron Settlement

Missing Boater Lost Near Cadron Settlement

Conway police and Game and Fish Commission searched for a man who didn't come home last night.

CONWAY, AR -- A Conway man is missing, after fishing on the Arkansas River. Police found the man's truck at Cadron Settlement Park.

Arkansas Game and Fish crews say 43-year-old Mark Russell went fishing around three o'clock Tuesday afternoon. But he never came home.

So his wife reported him missing.

Crews believe he hit something in the water, ejecting him from the boat.

Tuesday, crews found his truck, boat and trailer, upsetting local boaters like Mike Buschner. He also went fishing Tuesday.

"I didn't know who he was or anything. But I saw his Jeep and trailer here when I left. It was the only one here when I left," said Buschner.

Wednesday, emergency crews searched a seven and a half mile stretch of the Arkansas River. But ended up calling off the search until Thursday morning.

Arkansas Game and Fish crews say Russell had to be going at least  28 miles per hour when he hit something and that threw him out of the boat. The boat kept going, eventually running out of gas.

"I just hope they find him. I hope he is alright. I told his mother I would pray for him and I will," said Buschner.

On the boat, crews found Russell's wallet and cell phone.

Crews say Russell's boat had damage underneath, which is proof he did hit something.

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