Morrilton PD: Person Releases Snakes Into Neighborhood

Man kills one of the snakes.
LITTLE ROCK, AR -- Morrilton police say they got a complaint a person moved out of their home recently and allowed at least three of their pythons to go free in a neighborhood.

The incident is causing concerns that the pythons may reproduce.

On Sunday, a little girl spotted a snake, which has not been positively identified as a python, after leaving her grandmother's house.

"I thought it was a rope or something," Joslyn Monk said.

She quickly told her father, Robbie Monk.

"I walked up to it, and it raised its head," said Robbie.

So he took action with a shovel, killing the snake.

"I'm not a big fan of them, snakes kinda scare me," Joslyn said.

The snake in the picture is the one killed by the man who believed it to be a python.

Pythons and bull snakes have similar markings, and the snake in the picture has not been positively identified as a python.

The police remain concerned about the pythons that were allegedly released from that home.

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