Neighbors Concerned About Prostitution, Drugs Near School

Neighbors Concerned About Prostitution, Drugs Near School

People complain about safety issues in Pulaski County neighborhood.
PULASKI COUNTY, AR -- People in one Pulaski County neighborhood say they fear for their safety because of drug and prostitution problems.

One man says the neighborhood looks like a scene from Night of the Living Dead, as people come from all over to find drugs, and women are there selling sex to buy drugs.

The area is East 45th Street and Wallace, and neighbors say enough is enough.

"I think it's a really good neighborhood," Ashley Carson says. "It's just the people can make it bad, but there are good people here, but when it's a mixture of bad people, it's kind of like, here we go again."

Law enforcement is well aware of the issues.

"Our district substation is literally in the same community because we know there is a problem," Lt. Carl Minden said.

Minden says detectives recently raided a home in the neighborhood for drugs and busted prostitutes during a sting in the area.

But the crime keeps coming.

Minden says one of the issues is there's no code enforcement in the county.

So, officials can't clean up nuisance homes regardless of how close they are to schools or churches, which means the only way to stop the problem is for people to stand up and speak out.

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