New Women's Winner In LR Marathon

New Women's Winner In LR Marathon

Hellen Rotich wins the race.
LITTLE ROCK, AR -- There is a new female winner in the 2013 Little Rock Marathon. Hellen Rotich finished in 2:47:12.

She admits she had to mentally prepare for the weather

"I went out there knowing it's cold for everyone, not just for me. So you just do what you have to do," said Rotich.

It is the second win for Rotich, who first claimed the honor back in 2008. Then for the next four years, Leah Thorvilson took home top honors.

Thorvilson did run Sunday, but had to stop early because of an injury.

"I knew Leah was here and she has been fighting and she's been training too a little bit. But I just came to run my race, that's all," said Rotich.

Rotich says Sunday's time is her best ever and is proud of her accomplishment

"It feels good to win. You just look at yourself and say you can do it and if you win, you win," said Rotich.
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