Nightclub Shootings Leave 1 Dead, 3 Injured

Nightclub Shootings Leave 1 Dead, 3 Injured

One man is shot point blank at a Stuttgart nightclub shooting.
STUTTGART, AR -- Shots were fired both inside and outside of a crowded Arkansas County nightclub.

It ended with one man dead, three others injured and a suspect on the run.

One second, people are partying, having a good time, and the next, the sound of a bullet changes everything.

The shooting happened early Sunday morning at Casey's Warehouse in Stuttgart.

"Nobody wants to lose nobody like that," Willie Holt said. "It's just bad."

Holt was celebrating at Casey's Warehouse when he heard the loud sound of a gunshot.

He ran to see what happened and that's when he found the victim identified, by family members, as 28-year-old Albert Goodloe.

"He was just laying there trying to breathe, catching his breath, but I knew it wouldn't be long," Holt said. "He wasn't going to make it."

Holt says chaos erupted as people ran, but he says some got mad, taking the fight outside.

Three more people were shot, according to police.

There's no word on their conditions.

"These guns...these guns are something else around here," Holt said. "Everybody got a gun."

Goodloe's cousin says he was known around town as "Sneak."

She says everybody loved him because he liked to make people smile.

"I believe he was just too good to leave and just be gone that quick," Jaiden Hampton said.

Stuttgart police didn't give us much information on this case or what a motive may be.

Detectives say few people are coming forward with information, so right now, no arrests have been made.

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