UPDATE: 2 suspects shot by officer still in critical condition

UPDATE: 2 suspects shot by officer still in critical condition

Little Rock police are investigating an officer involved shooting. A father and son shot in the head are both still in critical condition.
Millis Farnam
Millis Farnam
Christopher Marts
Christopher Marts
A Little Rock police officer is on administrative leave after shooting two men after a traffic stop early Wednesday morning. The father and son are listed in critical condition.

Officer Arthur McDaniel is on leave as police investigate if he was justified to shoot two men. Officers say McDaniel noticed a suspicious car parked at the Promenade on Chenal. When he approached the car, the driver and three passengers took off, leading McDaniel on a chase.

"He shined a spotlight on the vehicle. The vehicle continued. He pursued the vehicle around through that area, even into the county for a short distance," says Lieutenant Terry Hastings.

The four people inside led the officer to a dead end on LaMarche Street.

"He exited his vehicle to try and get the suspects in custody," says Lt. Hasting.

But officers say 55-year-old Millis Eldon Farnum wasn't buying it.

"He was driving the vehicle, put the vehicle in reverse, attempted to run over the officer, rammed our police vehicle, pretty extensive damage on that vehicle. At that time officer McDaniel fired several shots," says Lt. Hastings.

The bullets hit Millis Farnum and his 29-year-old son Jason Farnum in the head. The car ended up in the woods. That's when 27-year-old Christopher Marts jumped out and ran. His friend 29-year-old Crystal Standford stayed in the car with an injured leg.

"This car was at a closed business at 3:27 in the morning. Obviously they weren't there to patronize the business," says Lt. Hastings.

Police say when Christopher Marts jumped out of the car, he didn't get far. A security guard noticed him running, stopped him, and took him to police. Right now he and Standford are in custody being questioned while the father and son recover at a local hospital.

The driver, Millis Farnum is wanted out of Perry County for 3rd degree escape. Everyone in the car, except the female has criminal histories. Police say they've been hiding out at area hotels.

Officers say back-up was on the way and that they were only three minutes away. Shots, however, were fired before they arrived.

After searching the trunk of the car, investigators found duffel bags with personal belongings of the Farnums.  According to authorities, they were living out of their car.

The officer who fired on the suspects was not injured.  He has been placed on paid administrative leave for the time being, which is standard procedure.  Police are also conducting an internal investigation into the shooting.

The female in the car was not charged with a crime. Christopher Marts was charged with fleeing and pleaded guilty. He was given 30 days of community service in Pulaski County.
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