Pit Bull Rescue Group Reacts to Faulkner County Dog Attack

Pit Bull Rescue Group Reacts to Faulkner County Dog Attack

Group says all dogs can be dangerous if owner is not responsible.

LITTLE ROCK, AR -- A Central Arkansas pit bull rescue group is reacting to the dog attack of a 3-year-old Conway boy.

Jennifer Bickers is vice president of Gentle Souls Pit Bull Rescue and says what happened to the boy is upsetting.

Investigators say he was attacked Monday by his grandfather's pit bull.

"It's sad. It's a terrible situation," Bickers said.

But she wants to remind people all dogs become dangerous when their owners are not responsible and lose control of their pets.

"You hear about those things. Those are the things make the headlines because they are shocking. You are not going to hear about a blue pit bull licking a girl on the chin in the middle of a park," Bickers said.

So she understands why pit bulls appear to be vicious.

"While it may be thought that pit bulls as a breed are aggressive, they are not. They are active. They need energy, they need a job to do. They need training just like any dog needs training," Bickers said.

She adds pit bulls can be loving with a responsible owner.

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