Police Chief's "Stupid Award" Goes to Firework "Bomb" Suspects

Police Chief's "Stupid Award" Goes to Firework "Bomb" Suspects

A "bomb" explosion in a central Arkansas neighborhood has families and the police department calling out two people accused of setting it off.
People in one Bryant neighborhood say an explosion Thursday (7/4) night shook the streets where they live.

"We saw this big huge flash," explained Duffy Small. "You heard it echo. I mean it just echoed and echoed."

Pieces of what neighbors say was a bomb were still scattered through the driveways and yards a day later.

"Scared everybody half to death," said neighbor, Josh Vaughn. "Scared my fiancé half to death. She screamed at the top of her lungs."

Detective Tracy Gay with the Bryant Police Department confirms the blast.

"It was large enough that we got a lot of 911 calls on it," he said. "Very large explosion."

Police collected what was left of the "bomb" having responded to the home where remnants of the device still litter the driveway and porch. There, police say they found Curtis Lawrence, 21, and Joshua Brooks, 20, the two men accused of setting off what witnesses say were 650 firework sparklers wrapped in several rolls of electrical tape with black gun powder.

Vaughn remarked. "Being drunk and just trying to be stupid."

The two both face charges of criminal use of a prohibited weapon, and public intoxication.

According to reports, when police arrived Lawrence denied involvement and then became belligerent and started cussing. Officers tazed him then found Brooks hiding inside.

Bryant Police Chief Mark Kizer took to Facebook explaining the situation even nominating the two for a very unfortunate award. In his nightly news alert he awarded the two the "Stupid Award for the week."

Families back in the neighborhood agree.

"Yeah I agree. I mean it was in the field behind my house," Small said. "If it was any closer to us it could have injured my house, my family. We were all inside."

"Everybody's pretty upset," Vaughn added. "[They're] Pretty irritated."

Now the neighborhood is calling them out.

Neighbor and property owner, Charles McCrotty said, "I told them they were unsafe and didn't need these kind of people in our neighborhood."
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