Saline County Deputy Accused of Assault Resigns

Saline County Deputy Accused of Assault Resigns

A Saline County deputy at the center of an assault investigation no longer works for the force.
SALINE COUNTY, AR - A Saline County deputy at the center of an assault investigation no longer works for the force.

According the Sheriff's Office, Deputy David Blevins was on administrative leave pending an internal investigation but resigned this week.

The man he's accused of assaulting says it's all thanks to a Facebook page he created.

"He called me a really bad name ... a F******* A******," explained David Hall.

That was only the beginning. Hall says the verbal assault turned physical from Deputy Blevins on his property April 16.

He had the county and Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality there regarding a neighborly dispute.

Hall admits, because he had tried so long to get them out there in the first place, that when Environmental Officer Deputy David Blevins finally arrived, he wore his emotions on his sleeve.

"I haven't got any response from him at all. I called him like 12-14 times," Hall said. "I was very curt."

When Blevins handed him his card Hall tried to give it back.

"He said you better keep that and I went (mimicked tossing card in the air). "

It all went downhill from there.

"He said, YOU COME HERE!" Hall explained.

When Hall didn't he said the deputy started for him and when he got there threw his arms back and chest butted him. Hall says it knocked him back.

"I didn't expect him to cross that line."

So Hall filed a formal complaint with the Sheriff's Office. The pursuit for justice however didn't end there. Hall took to Facebook sharing everything he could about what happened, the complaint he file, what he knew about the investigation and even Deputy Blevins' picture.

It took a turn for the positive for Hall this week.

"Sheriff Bruce Pennington called me and advised me that David Blevins was no longer employed by the Saline County Sheriff's Office."

The Sheriff's Office confirmed to Fox 16 that Blevins resigned.

Hall says without the Facebook page notifying the public it may have not happened at all.

"In my opinion, the feeling I got was it would have been swept under the rug," Hall remarked.

Fox 16 also confirmed through the City of Bryant who reports the same person/deputy was terminated from the Bryant Police Department in 2007 stemming from another investigation into policy violations.
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