Scammers Target Kid On Craigslist

Teenager is scammed on Craigslist as he tries to sell his Xbox.
MAUMELLE, AR -- You've probably heard of people being scammed on Craigslist, because it's been happening for a while now.

But one Maumelle mother says scammers are going to a whole new level of low.

Apparently, age is just a number to criminals who also target kids on Craigslist.

The mother says scammers went after her 15-year-old son.

Deashlon Lawrence listed his Xbox 360 for sale on Craigslist.

He quickly got a bite.

A woman said she would send him a check for the system.

He got that check the next day for nearly $1,000.

Here's the kicker, Lawrence only listed the Xbox at $200.

The woman told him to take his cut of the check and send the rest by Western Union to a shipper.

But mom knew this was a scam.

"I was kind of upset because I was hoping for the money, but then I realized it can be bad," Lawrence said.

Lawrence says the woman sent him several texts, even called, but after he realized it was likely a fake check and scam, he never talked to her again.

Lawrence's mother does plan to report the crime to the North Little Rock Police Department.

Officials say this type of scam is common.

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