Snooping Mother Discovers Daughter's Assault

Snooping Mother Discovers Daughter's Assault

A Malvern mother found out her teen was attacked on her way to school, only after going through her text messages.

MALVERN, AR- "He was like sticking his hands down my shirt telling me all these sexual things," said the 15-year-old Malvern High student. She said she was on her way to school when she was assaulted by a fellow student.

"He wasn't going to let me go," she said. "There's bruises on her arm," added her mom.

The attack happened more than a month ago, but Friday the student's mother found out about it by going through her daughter's cell phone and took immediate action.

"We went and filed a police report," she said. "I want her to be able to feel comfortable at her own school."

She also notified the school.

Her daughter has since been given the option of a private classroom while the matter is under investigation, the student accused of assaulting her however is still at school.

"Nothing's happened to this little boy he's allowed to walk these hallways and she's not able to," the mother said.

The teen said the type of behavior displayed by the student is so common at her high school that she didn't even think it was important enough to tell her mother.

She and her friend said they've been touched inappropriately without their consent by other students a number of times. Something she now knows is wrong and should be shared with an adult.

"It's important to tell your parents what's going on because it could have escalated," the student said.

"They're 15-years-old and they're not aware of the dangers that could have happened."

Unaware they shouldn't have to worry about this while they're focusing on their studies.

The detective handling the case who says it's been turned over to the juvenile crime division so since minors are involved they can't release any details.

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