Special Dog Needed For Boy With Serious Allergy

Special Dog Needed For Boy With Serious Allergy

Boy can't go certain places because of illness.
LITTLE ROCK, AR--  A Norman boy is battling a serious peanut allergy, which his mom says a special dog would help save his life.

Teddy Green likes playing with his family, but he also wants to do other activites like go to the movies.

"But unfortunately he's restricted on some of those things," said mother Cilla Green. 

He has a anaphylactic allergy to peanuts.

"Most people think of it just having an allergy, they just get a few bumps, they get a little itchy. But in his case, his airway will close off and lose oxygen to his brain, he will die," said Cilla. 

Even if Teddy is in the same room as peanuts, he could risk injury. So going to a friends birthday party is not an option for teddy.

"It makes me upset because if I see them having fun, I can't have that fun," said Teddy.

So his family is trying to raise money to buy a peanut-sniffing dog named Gizmo. It's kind of like a bomb-sniffing dog, but detects peanut proteins in the air.

The dog costs $20,000. The Greens are still trying to raise the money.

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