Surveillance Video Shows County Sheriff Shooting Armed Man

Surveillance Video Shows County Sheriff Shooting Armed Man

Video released by authorities to Fox 16 shows the moment an Arkansas sheriff has to take action as a suspect aims to take the sheriff's life.
**Please be aware that the embedded video shows the shooting

LITTLE ROCK, AR -- It all happened just after midnight the morning of June 9 when the Hot Spring County Sheriff's Office says the man seen in the video, David Alexander, threatened to commit a homicide.

Recordings released by the Sheriff's Office play intense threats from Alexander.

Following a Deputy calling over the radio that the man had him held at gun point, a trigger set off in the minds of all law enforcement officers in the county.

"When you hear that another officer is in that kind of distress you do what you can to get there," said Chief Deputy Jeremy Bennett.

Deputies say Alexander repeatedly refused to put down his gun.

Reports say Alexander shot into the air first but then aimed to take a life.

"The suspect finally stops, lifts up his shotgun as to aim at the sheriff," Bennett explained. "You'll see in the video the guy stops and lifts the gun towards the sheriff and at that point the sheriff actually had to fire one shot at him."

It's video of circumstances that usually only play over in the minds of law enforcement officers, but that night played out in front of them.

The man recovered and lived and is awaiting trial during a state police investigation.
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