Cabot Girl Battling Cancer Honored as Homecoming Royalty

Kaitlyn Campbell, 13, goes back to school for the first time this year to receive a special honor on the Homecoming court.
LITTLE ROCK, AR -- It was an emotional Thursday night for the family of a Cabot girl battling cancer.

Kaitlyn Campbell's classmates at Cabot Junior High School South gave her a special homecoming to remember.

Kaitlyn was scheduled to undergo chemotherapy at Arkansas Children's Hospital, but her doctor and family allowed her to put it off for the day to go back to school and be honored as eighth grade Homecoming Maid. It's a night she's been looking forward to.

"To see her in homecoming is one thing, but for her to be ill at homecoming is another thing. It's just really emotional for all of us," said Connie Weaver, Kaitlyn's Grandaunt.

Students, teachers and families packed the stands cheering as the announcer introduced Kaitlyn on the football field.

"I cried, we all cried, thankful," Weaver said.

In April, doctors diagnosed the 13-year-old with Ewing Sarcoma, a type of bone cancer. Kaitlyn hasn't been to school at all this year, so this truly was a special homecoming for her.

"She loves it, she loves her school, she loves her friends," Weaver said.

Friends like Lexi Robertson who've stayed by her side.

"Walking into that room seeing the look on her face, she was still smiling as always, but I can still see the look in her eyes like what do I do? I"m obviously scared and who wouldn't be in that situation," Robertson said.

Kaitlyn's bravery served as inspiration to everyone at the homecoming game. Robertson says she and Kaitlyn were both on the track team, and now they're together on the Homecoming court sharing this special moment.

"Sharing it with friends is always a plus and then someone who is as inspiring as Kaitlyn, that's even better," Robertson said.

Her family and friends walking away encouraged and thankful to be apart of this precious girl's life.

"No matter what you're going through, you're still beautiful, just like Kaitlyn is," Robertson said.

Kaitlyn is looking forward to going back to school and playing softball again. She's played softball for about seven years.
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